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Frets & Harnesses

The use of electrics/electronics in vehicles continues to grow exponentially, with the increase in distributed functionality and the increased acceptance of x-by-wire. For such applications, Precision Micro manufactures a wide range of bespoke components for current distribution boxes, harnesses, lighting frets, contacts and control circuitry.

Many other industrial machines have similar requirements for electrical distribution components… requirements met effectively by Precision Micro's unique combination of manufacturing technologies.

Rapid prototypes are profiled by photo etching and formed using modular press tooling, whereas larger quantities may be manufactured more efficiently by a combination of etch profiling and automated or semi-automated forming. Where leads are required to be kept in position during plastic encapsulation a salvage bar (either half etched or semi sheared) can be left outside the encapsulated area for subsequent manual removal.

Flexibility in manufacturing

Low risk strategy