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Fuel Cell Plates

Precision Micro is a world leader in the manufacture of metallic chemically etched plates and mesh for fuel cells. Manufactured from stainless steels, aluminium, nickel, titanium, copper and a range of exotic alloys, these custom designed plates offer considerable benefits when compared to non-metallic plates.

These include...

Although metallic plates may be machined mechanically, photochemical machining is a more economical, proven alternative.

Key benefits of photochemical machining

    • Plates are profiled and channels generated simultaneously in a single etch process
    • Chemical machining imparts no mechanical or thermal stress on the plate that could compromise its planarity (flatness)
    • Highly accurate channels can be produced on both sides of the plate in a single operation and interlaced for more efficient use of space and optimum cooling performance

    A leader in this field, Precision Micro operates the largest purpose built chemical etching plant of its kind in Europe, producing high numbers of bespoke plates each year.

    With a flexible manufacturing technology that does not cost penalise complexity, Precision Micro offers:

    • Rapid prototyping (in days)
    • Economical, high volume manufacture in weeks
    • Digital tooling for low set-up costs and design flexibility
    • Laser Direct Imaging for faster response and greater accuracy
    • Multiple channel depths and precise interlacing channel capabilities
    • Burr-free, stress-free plates
    • No hard tooling or expensive time consuming mould making

    Metal meshes

    Some applications, typically alcohol fuelled cells, utilise coated metal mesh for anodes, inter-cell connectors or electrode supports. Precision Micro has the technology to produce high precision, non-woven meshes for these purposes, with guaranteed percentage open areas from a broad spectrum of metals.

    Quality assured

    Precision Micro has developed quality control procedures to ensure reproducible tolerances on all critical plate dimensions, including gas track depth and manifold geometry, and has demonstrated the capability to manufacture parts to stringent pressure-drop specifications.

    Markets served

    • Micro / Portable fuel cells
- Direct methanol fuel cells
- Micro-reactors, mixers, heat exchangers, cold plates, cooling plates
    • Stationary
- Solid oxide
    • Automotive / mobile
- PEM fuel cell stacks
    • Fuel Provision
- Electrolysis
- Reformation

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