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Medical Devices & Implants

Chemical etching bone saws

Orthopaedic saw blades, meshes for reconstructive surgery and mini plates / distract plates for hand surgery are prime examples of Precision Micro’s ability to consistently meet the process challenges posed by the medical industry. Intricate medical parts and implants are manufactured using the photo etching process on medical grades of stainless, titanium and titanium alloys. Burr-free parts are fabricated without inducing the stresses common to traditional machining processes.

The use of photo tooling ensures that all parts are identical to the first part, because the tooling does not "wear" as in conventional machining. Volume requirements can also be met using the same technology that produced initial prototype samples, easing the FDA approval process.

Oscillating / sagittal saw blades

Traditionally, sharp-toothed blades are manufactured using laser technology followed by precision grinding in order to achieve the required tooth off-set. By combining Laser Evolved Etch Process (LEEP) technology with advanced wire erosion techniques, Precision Micro can improve part quality in a more economic and efficient manner.

Oral, maxillofacial and neurosurgical plates and meshes

Flexible and rigid meshes can be easily configured in the widest variety of mesh sizes, specific to oral, craniofacial, maxillofacial and neurosurgical requirements. These meshes, usually manufactured from titanium or its alloys are completely burr free throughout the mesh. The complexity of a mesh design is not reflected in the cost.

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