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Photo Etching Aluminium

Aluminium etching

With recent advances in aluminium alloy technology, the material is becoming ever more popular for many engineering applications. Aluminium is also making a significant contribution to many sustainability projects because of its light-weight nature. In transportation, light-weight means greater fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

Aerospace and Aluminium

In the aerospace industry, one innovative application for etched alloys is liquid to liquid heat exchangers, which uses aluminium in preference to other metals because of its light weight. Liquid cooling provides significantly better performance than air cooling alone, can be insensitive to altitude and allows engineers to optimise critical system performance.

However, aircraft aluminium is not the exclusive property of the aerospace industry. 7000 series alloys such as 7075 are often used in marine and automotive applications due to their high strength-to-density ratio. This combination is also favoured in other fields, such as the military.

The Challenge of Photo Etching Aluminium

Aluminium and its alloys have always proved difficult to machine in a conventional way, in view of their ductility and predisposition to ’pick-up’ on the tool face. Similarly with etching the process is not simple.

In order to achieve success, the ‘photo-etcher’ must have a thorough understanding of the process requirements, the knowledge resource to develop multiple solutions and an innovative approach to etchant chemistry.

Precision Micro has for some years been honing its process chemistries in order to etch aluminium and its alloys successfully and economically.

Now, intricate and complex aluminium alloy plates and components can be produced effectively and economically, thanks to Precision Micro’s determination to push the boundaries of the technologies it employs.

As an AS9100 accredited supplier, Precision specialise in photo etching aluminium for the aerospace industry.

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