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Meshes & Filters

Precision Micro manufactures bespoke, high performance single piece metal meshes for a myriad of uses, including filters, sieves, grilles and screens. In addition to conventional flat metal meshes, Precision Micro can also manufacture precision column filters by laminating pre-machined metal shims to the required height.

The photo etching process

Manufactured by Photo chemical etching or electroforming , our custom meshes are characterized by their consistent cross-sectional thickness and accurate aperture shapes / sizes. Being manufactured in a single piece, and machined in a single operation, they are not only slimmer, but have greater integrity, making them more robust during handling.

Unlike punch perforated sheets, photo etching produces burr and stress free meshes, resulting in greater efficiency and material integrity.

The economical approach

Durable and practical

Photo etched meshes are used in a wide range of applications, including...

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Photo etching process video