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  • Typical Products: Mechanical Components
  • Shims and spacer washers
  • High performance gaskets
  • Meshes and filters
  • Stencils for air bag manufacture
  • Airbag components
  • Cylinder head gaskets
  • Tread plates
  • Decorative trim parts
  • Fuel cell plates
  • Injector and fuel management components
  • Clutch components
  • Typical Products: Electronics & Electrics
  • Spring connectors
  • High load lead frames
  • Lighting frets
  • Conductive springs
  • Contacts
  • Components for engine management systems
  • Sensor components

Two trends have characterised recent developments in automotive engineering… The need for ever-higher levels of precision and tighter tolerances in order to improve operational efficiency, and the increasing adoption of electronics and electrics in control engineering.

The adoption of fuel cells as a motive force is forecast to eventually revolutionise the automotive industry. Precision Micro has been involved at the embryonic stage of numerous research projects and has already laid down design guidelines for the manufacture of components that boost the power available from fuel cells.

Innovation and Experience

Competition is also a fertile area for automotive development, and many F1 teams have come to depend on the innovative approach and speed of service that only Precision Micro provides. As these innovations, shaped by legislation and environmental concerns, have become incorporated into road going vehicles, Precision Micro has built supply chain relationships with many tier 1 and tier 2 automotive suppliers. The Company has been at the forefront of component developments for adaptive cruise control, drive by wire systems, high load vehicle electronics, fuel cells and fuel management and delivery systems. Many leading automotive companies now recognise that the burr-free, stress-free components we manufacture are superior, more precise and more economical alternatives to components made by conventional stamping.

Quality and Repeatability

Automotive manufacturers and tier 1 and 2 suppliers demand the highest levels of quality and rightfully expect outstanding repeatability. As Europe’s leading chemical etching company, Precision Micro has both the depth of resource and the commitment to meet these requirements. Process engineering expertise coupled with stringent quality systems ensures that we achieve these high standards continuously, giving automotive customers confidence in our technologies and capabilities.

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