Chemical Etching, Laser Evolved Etching Process & Electroforming Processes

Below is an overview of the full range of manufacturing technologies available at Precision Micro. Please click on the process name or use the left hand navigation menu for a detailed explanation of each of these processes.

Photo EtchingPhoto Etching Laser Evolved Etching Process LEEP Laser Evolved ElectroformingLEEF Wire EDMWire EDM
Materials Almost all
Almost all
Hard and soft Nickel All metals providing they are conductive
0.010mm - 1.5mm 0.01mm - 1.5mm Multilayer>0.5mm 0.01mm -250mm
Component / sheet size Max 600mm x 1500mm Max 800mm x 600mm Max 490mm x 490mm Max 254mm x 220mm (250mm high limit)
Tolerances ±0.025mm range ±0.010mm range ±0.005mm range ±0.010mm range
Volume / batch size One to millions One to millions One to 1000's One to 1000's
Minimum Feature 0.050mm 0.025mm 0.020mm 0.200mm
Please note that the above figures are given as a guideline. Should your component design fall outside of these parameters, please talk to one of our Technical Sales Engineers who will be happy to talk through your requirements.