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Wire EDM

Wire EDM

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is an exceptional process that uses electric current and fine wire to cut and shape metals, metal alloys and other conductive materials. It leaves a smooth surface that usually requires no further finishing or polishing.

Fine, High Aspect Ratio Features

Precision Micro's high precision CNC driven Wire EDM facility is capable of producing precision, high aspect ratio apertures and features with tolerances of <± 5µm. Surface finishes down to Ra 0.1µm can be achieved, which in many instances eliminates the need for subsequent polishing.

Versatile yet Precise

The process is highly accurate and repeatable. It produces exceptionally precise, parallel sidewalls, allowing stacking when machining multiple parts from sheet material. Taper cuts, free curves and complex shapes can be achieved simply by rotating the axis of the wire before or during the process.

Wire EDM features can be incorporated into components manufactured by etching or electroforming, producing aspect ratios beyond the capabilities of those technologies. The software is common to our milling and turning operations, enabling work pieces to be easily transferred between machines for multi-cavity work and high precision finishing.

High Speed

Precision Micro's Wire EDM is digitally driven, virtually eliminating the need for fixtures and tooling for one of a kind or low run production run parts. Further finishing is generally unnecessary and parts may be used immediately in assembly, minimising the time between design and delivery.