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Laser Evolved Etching Process: Features & Benefits

Micro channels SEM

Improved Repeatability

Advanced Laser Direct Imaging eliminates the photo tooling stage from the process route. This removes several potential sources of variance, as well as speeding up the process, resulting in increased repeatability, better process control and higher yields.

Higher Accuracy

The higher resolution achieved with Advanced LDI puts Precision Micro's etching capabilities, already in the ultra-high precision range, firmly into the realms of true micro manufacturing. Front to back feature alignment is exceptionally precise and the higher resolution exposure guarantees that edges are sharper and more precisely defined.

Fine Features

With LEEP it is now possible to create micro channels in the 25 microns range economically.

Multi-level capability

The use of LDI also enables a variety of etch depths to be achieved in a single etch process, opening up new possibilities for LEEP manufacturing.