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Photo Etching

Our sample brochure contains components designed specifically to demonstrate the features and benefits of our photo etching process, which we have continually developed over the years.

To request your copy, please fill out the contact form below:

Laser Evolved Micro Machining - Sample Brochure

The essence of Laser Evolved Micromachining is the ability to combine Advanced Laser Direct Imaging with Precision Electroforming and Photo Etching. The high definition and precision of these new process routes takes the Company’s manufacturing capabilities, already in the ultra high precision range, firmly into the realms of true micro manufacturing.

For further information on Laser Evolved Micro Machining and to request a copy of our LEEP and LEEP sample pack, talk to our Technical Sales team on +44 (0)121 380 0100 or email sales@precisionmicro.com