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Connectors & Contacts

Wherever a physical, breakable connection is required in an electronic or electrical circuit, there is a need for a connector. These come in a vast array of shapes and sizes and many can be manufactured (or incorporate contacts that can be manufactured) using Precision Micro's manufacturing technologies.

From minute pin connectors and arrays to integral spring contacts and RFI connector shields, Precision Micro has the skills and the capabilities to meet the majority of micro contact and connector requirements.

For low to mid volumes, our in-house forming capability may well be the preferred manufacturing option, where components are profiled by photo etching and formed using modular press tooling.

Because connectors are required to operate across a range of environmental conditions, and in many instances need to have improved wear resistance and enhanced conductivity, a variety of surface finishes and coatings are offered. The company frequently provides gold, tin, silver, tin/lead, and sulphur/nickel coatings, complete or selectively plated onto contacts, enabling customers to obtain the fully finished component from a single source.

Flexibility in manufacturing

Low risk strategy