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Precision Micro is dedicated to upholding stringent quality control and regulatory compliance as it delivers precise and cost-effective precision components to renowned companies in the medical industry.

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Clean, precise manufacturing

Chemical etching is a versatile and highly effective process for manufacturing medical components, offering several advantages. By selectively dissolving material from metal sheets using an etchant, it produces clean and precise medical components without the risk of recast layers, metal swarfs or chips that could impact performance.

With exceptional precision and the ability to create intricate designs without incurring extra costs, chemical etching surpasses the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods. This ensures the delivery of reliable and high-quality parts, free from burrs or stresses.

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Medical components

Our manufacturing expertise extends to a diverse range of medical components, ranging from current collector grids for pacemakers to sagittal and oscillating bone saw blades. In addition to chemical etching, we provide a comprehensive suite of post-processing services designed to enhance component performance and optimise functionality.

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Photochemical etching medical grade materials

Metals and alloys play a crucial role in various medical components, offering the required strength-to-weight ratio, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. Our versatile photo etching service caters to a wide range of metal types and grades, including 316 stainless steels for cleaner medical devices and ultra-hard Sandvik strip steels for precise medical cutting tools.

Materials suitable for chemical etching

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Learn how chemical etching can overcome the limitations of traditional sheet metal machining technologies.