Supporting net-zero technology by supplying fast, accurate precision-etched components.

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Precision Micro plays an active role in supporting net-zero technology by supplying precision-etched components that enable a range of applications, such as hydrogen generation and storage, carbon capture, renewable energy systems, hydrogen drivetrains, electric vehicles and more.

Measuring the size and accuracy of a phototool

Faster time-to-market

Constant innovation and evolving technologies drive the need for rapid development and testing of new component designs for next generation energy applications.

Chemical etching accelerates prototyping through the use of affordable digital tooling, allowing for efficient design iterations and faster time-to-market. Whether its intricate channel arrays for hydrogen electrolysers or high-performance interconnects for EV battery systems, chemical etching outperforms traditional sheet metal machining by producing smaller, intricate parts without the constraints of traditional sheet metal machining.

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Low-cost tooling and rapid prototyping

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Higher complexity, accuracy and precision

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100% burr and stress-free components

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Widest range of metals

Energy components

We manufacturer a wide range of precision metal components for the energy sector, including bipolar plates, gas separation membranes and electric motor laminations. Alongside chemical etching, we provide additional services including diffusion bonding, forming and plating, catering to the diverse requirements of our customers.

Material versatility

Chemical etching demonstrates exceptional compatibility with a diverse array of metals, including corrosion-resistant stainless steel, conductive copper, and various nickel alloys. Unlike conventional machining techniques, this process effectively overcomes the limitations encountered when working with materials that possess hard, soft, or brittle properties.

Materials suitable for chemical etching

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Learn how chemical etching can overcome the limitations of traditional sheet metal machining technologies.