Stainless Steel Etching

We offer a stainless steel etching service with unrivalled precision and accuracy.

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Our cutting-edge stainless steel etching process enables us to craft precise components while maintaining the integrity and corrosion resistance of all steel and stainless steel grades.

How We Etch Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel etching process begins by printing the desired component design onto a photoresist-laminated steel sheet. After development, the exposed surface of the steel is selectively removed using ferric chloride, a safe and recyclable etchant, while the laminated areas remain intact. This precise technique allows us to create intricate designs, microstructures or components with zero mechanical stress or burrs.

Versatile Manufacturing that Fosters Innovation

We can create components to meet your specific requirements, whether they are delicate and intricate or robust and functional. With endless customisation possibilities and a cost-effective approach that fosters innovation, our stainless steel etching process preserves the integrity of stainless steel. Components retain their corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability and suitability for various applications, even in harsh environments.

Suitable Steel & Stainless Steel Grades

Our expertise extends to chemically etching ferritic/martensitic, austenitic, duplex and precipitation hardened stainless steel grades. We are also equipped to work with specialist grades, including Sandvik Chromflex strip steels, and are open to processing customer-supplied metals.

Material Grades/types
Low carbon (mild) steel All grades
Electrical steel Transil
Maraging steel All grades
Sandvik strip steel Chromflex (7C27Mo2, 13C26, 12C27, 6C27), Hiflex
Uddeholmstrip flapper valve steel 20C, 716
High carbon (spring) steel All grades
Stainless steel Austenitic (300 series), ferritic/martensitic (400 series), precipitation hardened (17-4, 17-7), duplex, super duplex

Precision Applications

From aerospace and automotive to electronics and medical devices, our etching process is widely utilised for the production of stainless steel components. Whether it’s surgical instruments, automotive parts or electronic connectors, our stainless steel etching service delivers the reliability and quality that your applications demand.

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