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photochemical etching.
Dependable, high-integrity metal component supply to exact, and exacting, specifications.

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Precision Micro is the industry-leading chemical etching company

From stainless steel etching to titanium and aluminium, we’ve been innovating etching technology for more than 50 years.

We produce and ship tens of millions of precision components every year for industry-leading names all over the world, stretching the boundaries of micro-precision component manufacture.

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Chemical etching services.


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Etching machine

Answers to 10 frequently asked chemical etching process questions including: What is chemical etching? and How does chemical etching work?


Chemical etching whitepaper

Our new whitepaper aims to educate and inform design engineers unfamiliar with the chemical etching process about its ability to enhance quality, reduce lead times and cut costs, without compromise.


The issue with burring

In this article, we look at how the process of photochemical etching enhances output quality, improves component performance and has the potential to decrease costs.

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Want to cut lead times cost and complexity – without compromise?

Download our whitepaper introduction to chemical etching to see how it can provide greater flexibility, cost savings and time savings for your industry.