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photochemical etching.
Market-leading photochemical machining company supplying precision-etched metal components to exacting specifications

Precision etched metal from Precision Micro

The leading photochemical etching service for 60 years.

From stainless steels to nickel, copper, aluminium and more, we’ve been innovating photochemical machining technology for more than half a century.

We produce and supply millions of precision photo-etched components every year for industry-leading companies all over the world, stretching the boundaries of micro-precision component manufacture.

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Chemical etching services.


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Chemical etching whitepaper

Our new whitepaper aims to educate and inform design engineers unfamiliar with the chemical etching process about its ability to enhance quality, reduce lead times and cut costs, without compromise.


Precision Micro 2022 Apprentices

Precision Micro announces the launch of its 2023 apprentice scheme for 16-21-year-olds who are pursuing a career in engineering. Learn more.


Metal sheet etching

This article explores the key technical guidelines for photochemical etching, including material selection, feature sizes, accuracy and more.