Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers

Photo-etched flow plates for PCHEs with exceptional channel accuracy.

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Precision Micro stands as the global leader in manufacturing flow plates for printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs), offering unmatched volume capacity and exceptional channel accuracy.

What is a printed circuit heat exchanger?

A printed circuit heat exchanger combines chemical etching and diffusion bonding technologies. Flow channels are chemically etched onto metal plates, which are then stacked and solid-state joined through diffusion bonding to form a single block.

Etched fluidic plate

Precision Micro & PCHE technology

Since the 1990s, Precision Micro has been a pioneer in PCHE manufacturing. Our market-leading chemical etching service provides volume versatility, catering to fast, cost-effective prototypes to high volume production. Our production etching plant is capable of supplying etched flow plates up to 1500mm x 600mm in size and thicknesses up to 2.5mm.

Etched flow plate materials

Our chemical etching process is compatible with a wide range of metal types and grades. While 316-grade stainless steel is commonly specified for plate and printed circuit heat exchanger plates, we can also work with lightweight, corrosion-resistant metals like aerospace grade aluminium.


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Leading name in PCHE flow plate manufacture

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Largest etching capacity

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Exceptional channel accuracy

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Diffusion bonding service

Diffusion bonded heat exchangers

With longstanding partnerships with diffusion bonding technology leaders, we provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop for chemical etching and diffusion bonded printed circuit heat exchangers. Our expertise enables seamless integration of both processes, ensuring quality and efficiency for our customers.

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Heat Exchangers Application Note

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