Renewable energy

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Diagram of all energy parts that can be etched

Fuel cell plates

Precision Micro has long-standing partnerships with a number of leading alternative energy providers who benefit from economic, accurate, burr- and stress-free photo etched fuel cell plates.

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Energy etched fuel cell plates

Heater elements

Precision Micro is the world’s leading supplier of ultra-thin chemically etched resistive heating elements used in a wide range of energy applications.

Energy etched heater elements

Heat exchangers

Complex channels and geometries can be photo etched onto individual heat exchanger plates economically, maximising thermal efficiency.

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Energy etched heat exchanger

Meshes, filters and sieves

Where punch-perforated sheets are prone to distortion, photo etched mesh is burr- and stress-free, with zero material degradation.

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Energy etched meshes and filters