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etched speaker grilles

With car manufacturers seeking to achieve and sustain competitive differentiation for their vehicles, the chemical etching process is fast becoming recognised as an enabling technology in the production of high end inlays, tread plates, trims and speaker grilles.

Precision Micro’s chemical etching technology, a subtractive process that can produce a series of complex designs, mesh patterns and logos simultaneously, in a single machining operation, boasts burr-free features to micron tolerances as well as high definition surface engraving.

Speaker Grilles

Custom speaker grilles are just one of the ways that chemical etching can give interiors engineers the freedom to explore new design avenues.

Metal ‘hard speaker grilles’ were once produced exclusively from woven wire, but the modern approach is to use chemically etched sheet material for a variety of reasons, both aesthetic and functional.

Metal etched grilles provide:


As with all components manufactured by photochemical machining, parts are stress-free and burr-free and generally need little or no further processing before fitting.

Precision Micro can supply interior applications in sheet sizes up to 1.5 metres in length and can produce apertures, part etched logos and fixing lugs in a simple, single operation. Also available is a wide range of finishes to suit the application and in-house forming.