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Chemical Etching

What is Chemical Etching?

Chemical etching is a subtractive, tightly controlled corrosion process that can produce highly complex metal parts with very fine detail, accurately and economically.

For thin gauge precision parts up to 1.5mm thick, the chemical etching process can offer a cost effective alternative to conventional metal machining processes such as stamping, punching, laser and waterjet cutting.

Precision Micro and Chemical Etching

For over 50 years, Precision Micro has been at the cutting edge of chemical etching, creating highly innovative solutions to a wide range of engineering challenges. That is why Precision Micro has won a reputation as the industry technology leader, trusted to deliver by major international companies.

What are the benefits of Chemical Etching?

Burr and stress-free

Chemically etched components are burr-free, while temper and magnetic properties remain unaffected during processing. When component integrity is critical, chemical etching is often the only suitable metal machining process.

High complexity and accuracy

As component features are produced simultaneously, complex designs cost no more to produce than simple ones. Minute and highly complex etched shapes are possible to tolerances in the 1/100mm range and surface features such as fluidic channels, bend lines and logos can be included without additional cost.

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Low risk, fast and economical

As the tooling for chemical etching is produced digitally, design iterations can be carried out quickly and economically. Lead times measured in days, not weeks, are typical for one-offs to many thousands of components.

Material diversity

Almost all metals can be etched, including those that are hard or brittle, without degrading the physical tooling. Precision Micro is one of the few etching companies in the world with the capability to photo-etch titanium and its alloys.

Complexity without cost

As components features are etched simultaneously, complex designs cost no more to produce than simple ones.

Ultimate flexibility

Chemical etching is a highly flexible manufacturing technology. Whether you require a single part or millions of components, the process is able to provide an economical solution to meet your needs.

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