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Microfluidic Components

Microfluidic devices are changing the way laboratories carry out their research, and the way many industries sample, measure and control fluids. Precision Micro has the enabling technology to produce components for the manufacture of these microfluidic devices.

Microfluidics encompasses the technologies and methods for micro dispensing and handling sub-microlitre volumes of liquids. These techniques are now core to high throughput research (and known in many circles as ‘lab on chip‘) but the principles are also used in a wide range of micro-thermal and micro-propulsion technologies.

Recent advances in MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) have enabled the successful miniaturisation of many fluid handling elements, and a series of techniques have been devised for handling these minute volumes of liquid. Microfluidics finds applications across a wide range of industries, from chemical, pharmaceutical and medical to jets for inkjet printers.

The efficacy of microfluidic devices, such as micro pumps, micro mixers, reactors, reformers, heat exchangers, micro plates and slides, depends on high levels of micro precision being achieved in the channels that control and enable the liquid or gas flow. These levels of precision are measured in microns and made possible by the use of advanced manufacturing technology, such as LEEF, LEEP, electroforming, high precision photo etching and post plating… Techniques pioneered commercially by Precision Micro.

Through these techniques, the company can control plate topography, and channel geometries, even on interlaced and complex curve mixing devices.

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