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Microwave Components

The design of microwave and millimetre wave components is optimised as a result of empirical testing. Precision Micro's manufacturing technologies make this an economical option.

Precision Micro manufactures a variety of bespoke components used in cellular telephone and communications base stations, such as contacts and pole pieces. Produced from such materials as mild steel, beryllium copper, Fecralloy® and phosphor bronze, it is not unusual for the design of these components to be changed several times before optimum electronic performance is achieved.

Flexible processes

The use of inexpensive tooling permits fast turn round and enables modifications to be made quickly, without significant cost penalties being incurred. Prototype and development volumes can be supplied in days.

Functional coating

Both microwave and millimetre wave currents flow in a thin surface layer, about a "skin depth" from the surface. For this reason, surface finish needs to be high quality and functional coatings, such as silver, gold and tin are often specified.

Precision Micro have devised techniques to leave components ‘tabbed’ into the sheet for ease of plating and to offset the potential surface abrasion that barrel plating can cause.