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Shims & Gaskets

Precision Micro manufactures many types of shims and gaskets, flat and formed, from a wide variety of materials and gauges.

From simple spacer washers, to complex cylinder head gaskets for racing engines, all components are precise, flat and burr free, with no rough edges that could interfere with other mating components. Because of the flexibility of the photo etching process, complex designs, including internal and external tab / location washers, are manufactured quickly using low cost tooling.

High precision shims

Photo etching and LEEP are both highly controlled subtractive processes. By post etching, shim thickness can be controlled to tolerances measured in microns

3D and coated shims

Three dimensional, lipped or formed gaskets can be produced in-house. A comprehensive range of coating technologies also ensures that the complete, finished component is provided from a single source.

Aeronautical hydraulic and spacer shims tend to be specified from aircraft grade stainless steels, and plated or passivated to drawing requirements.

Bonding shims and preforms

Brazing shims and solder performs ensure that the right amount of material is present, in the right place, at the right time, during the bonding process. Precision Micro produces these shims and preforms in custom complex shapes, from a wide variety of materials.