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  • Typical Products: Component Manufacturing
  • Leadframes for component packages to contactless smart cards with post etched rounded leads, down-set lands, complete or spot plating
  • Lids and stepped lids for sealing ceramic, metal and hybrid packages and tubs
  • Carriers for multi-chip modules and power components
  • Typical Products: Electronics assembly
  • EMI / RFI shielding enclosures
  • EMI / RFI contact strips, fingers, & gaskets
  • EMI / RFI shielding universal prototyping kit
  • On board mechanical features, contacts, ground clips, supports, springs etc
  • Antennae and micro antennae
  • Heat sinks
  • Solder masks
  • Terminal tags
  • Stencils
  • Solder preforms
  • Typical Products: Box assembly
  • Chassis and other mechanical components
  • Fascia plates
  • Metal dome arrays for tactile membrane switches

Precision Micro is ideally placed to meet and in some instances anticipate the rapidly changing requirements of the electronics manufacturing industry in terms of miniaturisation, speed, flexibility and innovation.

The Company has a long history in the manufacture of bespoke mechanical components for electronics production and supplies a vast range of products; all manufactured to the tightest tolerances and highest quality standards.


As the physical scale of electronics components and assemblies reduces, the need for enhanced precision increases… precision which Precision Micro achieves by utilising LEEF and LEEP technologies that guarantee tolerances measured in microns. With ever-higher device pin counts and the trend to ultra fine pitches, the need for dimensional accuracy has never been greater.

Speed & Flexibility

The short lifespan of today’s electronics products, combined with the ever increasing urgency to get products to market fast, have led to a fundamental change in the technologies needed for prototyping and manufacturing small precision mechanical components. Precision Micro utilises digital and modular tooling that can be produced in hours and is easy to modify; tooling that has a low initial cost, commensurate with the low risk product development strategy sought by many electronics manufacturers.


The Company's innovative approach to business is fuelled by its abilities to push the boundaries of its manufacturing technologies in order to provide customers with unique, cutting edge solutions that are differentiated by size, function, performance and quality.

Prototype to Volume

Precision Micro boasts a unique range of manufacturing technologies that enables the company to offer cost effective components in all quantities, from prototypes to high volume, in the shortest possible time frames and with minimal tooling costs. These technologies are used in the most cost effective combinations to produce the broadest range of 2D and 3D components for Semicon Packaging , Board Assembly, Box Build and EMI/RFI Shielding.