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High Volume Photo Etching

High Volume Facility

Precision Micro has the largest, high volume, contract etching facility in Europe with a capacity to process over 30 tonnes of material per week. This enables us to offer parts from individual prototypes to volumes measured in millions… all manufactured using the same tooling and the same manufacturing technology.

Cost competitive

Unlike stamped components, our etched parts need no de-burring and are generally ready for finishing or even for immediate assembly. When you also take into account the cost of press tooling and the inevitable delays in acquiring it, high volume etched parts can prove very cost effective.

Dedicated manufacture

Where demand dictates, we can dedicate equipment to the manufacture of a single specific part. This allows us to control the process more tightly for even greater consistency.

Bigger scale

Our high volume machines churn out components by the million, but a further benefit is their ability to accommodate large sheet sizes. Individual components of up to 600mm x 1500mm can be produced thanks to the larger tunnel dimensions of the high volume machines.

Seamless transition

When demand for a component increases significantly, production can be transferred seamlessly to dedicated high volume equipment. Using the same production method and the same tooling, the component design and quality remains consistent whereas a move to press tooling invariably requires some design modifications that can impact on subsequent assembly.

Design flexibility

Unlike with press tooling, design modifications can be made during a production run without losing any production time and at very little additional cost… simply by modifying the photo tool.