Photo Etching

Photo etching, also known as
chemical etching, is a highly precise, tightly controlled corrosion process which is used to produce complex metal parts with very fine detail.

Why use Photo Etching?

The photo etching process offers a cost effective alternative to stamping, punching, laser and waterjet cutting when machining precision components from thin gauge metals - up to 1.5mm thick - such as
stainless steels, aluminium, copper, brass and hard to machine metals such as titanium.

When part integrity is critical, photo etching is often the only suitable metal machining process for your needs.

Precision Micro and Photo Etching

For over 50 years, Precision Micro has pioneered photo etching. By partnering with our customers we create highly innovative solutions to a wide range of engineering challenges. That is why Precision Micro has won a reputation as the industry innovator, trusted to deliver by major international companies.

Photo Etching benefits

Burr and stress free

Photo etched components are burr free, while temper and magnetic properties remain unchanged.

Fast and economical

Using digital tooling we can produce samples and prototype parts in hours and fulfil volume requirements in days, helping reduce 'time to market'.

Low risk

Tooling costs are minimal, allowing customers to modify and optimise their designs without significant cost penalty.

Material diversity

Virtually all metals can be etched, even those that are hard or brittle.

Micro precision

Highly complex etched profiles and component features are possible to tolerances in the 1/100mm range.

No cost for complexity

As components features are produced simultaneously, complex designs cost no more to produce than simple ones.


Whether you require a single part, or millions of parts, photo etching is able to provide a cost effective solution to meet your needs.

See how photo etching compares with stamping, laser cutting and wire EDM

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