Photo Etching

Photo etching is a high precision, tightly controlled corrosion process, which is used to produce complex metal parts with very fine detail.

The photo etching process offers a more cost effective alternative to stamping, punching, laser and waterjet cutting, when machining precision components from thin gauge materials, such as stainless steels, aluminium and 'corrosion resistant' advanced engineering alloys.

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Precision Micro's manufacturing engineers have developed photo etching, sometimes known as chemical etching or metal etching, into a repeatable science, consistently 'redefining the possible' to provide a true competitive advantage for customers in a wide range of industries.

Benefits of Photo Etching

Burr and Stress Free

As a cold chemical process that removes unwanted material, the photo etching process does not induce stress or deformation. Parts which are pressed or stamped are often subjected to substantial mechanical forces and stresses. Photo etched components are burr free, while temper and magnetic properties remain unchanged.

Fast and Economical

Using digital tooling, we can produce samples and prototype parts in hours, and fulfil volume requirements in days, helping reduce 'time to market'. Tooling costs are minimal, allowing customers to modify and optimise their designs without significant cost penalty. Photo etching is ideal for those wishing to adopt a low risk strategy to product development.

Material Diversity

Virtually all metals can be etched, even those that are hard or brittle. Photo Etching is ideal for machining thin metals and foils, typically up to 1.5mm in thickness.

Micro Precision

Minute and highly complex etched shapes are possible to tolerances in the 1/100mm range.

Ease of Use

Techniques such as half-etched bend lines facilitate complex hand forming of parts, saving the cost of hard tooling. Integrated marking also reduces handling.

High Complexity and Accuracy

Because of the nature of the photo etching process, complex designs cost no more to produce than simple ones. The technology is geared towards producing metal parts to the tightest tolerances in the fastest possible time scales, and at competitive rates.


Photo etching is a highly flexible manufacturing technology. Whether you require a single part, or millions of parts, this process is able to provide a cost effective solution to meet your needs. With high speed turn round, low to medium volume runs and dedicated volume production, Precision Micro is geared to meet almost every etching need.

Why Choose Precision Micro?

Precision Micro is unique in both its process capabilities and its approach to business.

More than Europe's No 1 contract photo etching company, the entire Precision Micro operation is infused with a "can-do" mentality that sets it aside from the rest. Renowned for their problem solving capabilities, Precision Micro's engineers continuously push the boundaries of the manufacturing processes we employ, in order to better serve our customers.

Experience and Expertise

Precision Micro's experience and levels of expertise are unmatched in the industry.


Our willingness to accept challenges that other suppliers may shy away from.


In a world where technology is ever smaller, faster and more complex, Precision Micro provides the enabling technology to bring cutting edge designs to reality.


Our ability to extend and hone our manufacturing technologies and use them, both individually and in combination, to meet customer requirements more efficiently and economically.


Stability and flexibility stem from size; having the resource to dedicate and the capacity to meet customer needs rapidly and effectively.

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