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In the field of medical components, Precision Micro provides state-of-the-art medical prototyping and the manufacturing technologies that allow medical engineering designers to bring their ideas to reality.

Precision Micro components engineers operate in the milli and micro scales to produce high precision, stress free components for use across a broad spectrum of medical applications.

Our manufacturing technologies are particularly suited to the medical field because we utilise the same processes to manufacture individual and prototype parts as we do to produce volume requirements. Clinical trials can be conducted economically with parts manufactured using these processes while volume manufacture requires no new tooling or re-qualification.

The majority of our work is carried out on a partnership basis under conditions of non-disclosure.


Precision Micro produces medical equipment and instrument components manufactured in stainless steel. We can also make medical implants in materials such as tantalum, Nitinol, Elgiloy®, tungsten, titanium, cobalt alloy and platinum iridium... materials that are ideal for processing with our manufacturing technologies.

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