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Medical alloys are characterised by their high strength-to-weight ratio, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, all attributes which make them difficult to machine using traditional metalworking technologies, and indeed photo etching.

Precision Micro specialises in photo etching medical alloys – including 300 series stainless steels, Sandvik strip steels and cobalt-chromium based alloys – and is Europe’s only production titanium and titanium alloy photo etching company.

Precision Micro manufactures a wide range of medical components, including complex, burr- and stress-free cranial and dental implants, ultra-thin cathode battery current collector grids and sagittal and oscillating bone saw blades with tight tolerance teeth.


Photo etching is an extremely clean and precise process. Tightly controlled chemistry selectively removes metal, atom by atom, to tolerances a quarter of a diameter of a human hair, and without recast layers. Parts can be packaged in clean-room conditions to reduce environmental contaminates.

Prototype to volume – Fast

Photo etching uses the same low-cost digital tooling for prototyping and production, meaning clinical trials can be conducted economically and products get to market faster.

Custom, in-house solutions

Combining photo etching with wire electro discharge machining means we can cut medical instruments to tighter tolerances. We can remove metal micro-crevices can be removed by electropolishing, giving medical devices thirty times more corrosion resistance.

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