Aerospace, defence and space

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Connectors and contacts

Precision Micro etches a wide range of custom 2-D and 3-D connectors and contacts including contact springs for military jets.

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Heat exchangers

Complex channels and geometries can be photo etched onto individual heat exchanger plates economically, maximising thermal efficiency.

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Ice protection

Precision Micro is the world’s leading supplier of ultra-thin chemically etched resistive heating elements used in electro-thermal ice protection systems.

EMI/RFI shielding

Precision Micro specialises in custom EMI/RFI shielding manufacture for a wide range of high-tech applications, including surveillance UAVs.

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Springs, flexures and diaphragms

Precision Micro supplies over one million stress- and burr-free springs each month for a diverse range of applications, including satellite cryogenic coolers.

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Air intake grilles

Precision Micro supplies millions of meshes, grids and filters each month, including lightweight aluminium helicopter air intake grilles.

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Benefits at a glance

  • AS 9100-accredited
  • Aluminium and titanium specialist
  • ITAR-compliant
  • Stress-, burr- and distortion-free components

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The basic principles of photo etching can be demonstrated in nine process steps.

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Created to guide you through designing for the photo etching process, outlining achievable tolerances and component features.

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