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Speaker grilles

Metal speaker grilles were once produced exclusively from thick, woven aluminium wire. Photo etching offers a number of aesthetic and functional advantages.

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Tread plates

Unlike traditional pressed tread plates, photo etching can incorporate sharp aperture and directional mesh patterns for back lighting and can be personalised with owners’ names or signatures.

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Nameplates and inlays

Photo etching can be used to surface engrave and emboss intricate, blemish-free tactile surfaces.

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GDI flexures

The burr- and stress-free nature of photo etching means springs actuate longer and more reliably which is vital in safety critical and exacting environments such as in GDI systems.

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ABS flexures

Precision Micro supplies over one million automotive springs each month for a diverse range of applications, including ABS braking, fuel injection and catalytic convertors.

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Fuel cell plates

Precision Micro has long-standing partnerships with a number of leading alternative energy providers who benefit from economic, accurate, burr- and stress-free photo etched fuel cell plates.

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Shims, gaskets and washers

Photo etched shims, gaskets and washers are accurate to ±0.025mm, flat and burr-free, with no rough edges that could interfere with other mating components.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Unrivalled industry know-how
  • Well invested – backed by Lloyds Development Capital
  • 44,000 sq ft production etching plant producing over 50 million components annually
  • IATF 16949-accredited
  • Repeatability levels approaching Six Sigma standards


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