Chemical etchingComplex, burr and stress-free components with pinpoint precision

What is chemical etching?

Chemical etching, sometimes referred to as photo etching or photochemical machining, is a metal machining process which uses chemical enchants to create complex and highly accurate precision components from almost any metal.

Precision Micro has advanced the principles of chemical etching, investing in new technologies and developing proprietary methods which have set the standard for accuracy and repeatability.

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Chemical etching benefits

The tooling used for chemical etching is digital, which can be adapted and changed extremely quickly and cost-effectively. This ensures risk-free design optimisation without financial penalty.

Etched components are free from stresses and burrs with no mechanical force or heat used, leaving material properties unaltered.

As component features are machined simultaneously almost limitless part complexity is achievable, with accuracy to ±0.025mm.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Unlimited complexity – you only pay for the first hole
  • No expensive hard tooling required
  • Low-cost design iterations – fast
  • Burr and stress-free – metal properties unaffected
  • Lead-times in days, not months
  • Virtually any metal
  • Accuracy to ±0.025mm
Compare etching, stamping & laser

What materials can be chemically etched?

We can chemically etch almost any thin gauge metal between 0.01mm – 1.5mm, including those considered hard-to-machine or ‘non-corrosive.’

Typical materials include:

Chemical etching components

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Cut lead times cost and complexity – without compromise

Download our whitepaper introduction to chemical etching to see how it can provide greater flexibility, cost savings and time savings for your industry.