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Diagram of all electronic parts that can be etched

Lead frames

Photo etching has the flexibility and precision required to produce ultra-fine pitch, high pin count lead frames more cost effectively than conventional stamping technology.

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Electronics etched leadframe

EMI/RFI shielding

Whilst EMI/RFI shielding can be manufactured in a variety of ways, photo etching offers distinct advantages, improving functionality and lowering cost.

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Electronics etched emi shielding

Semiconductor cooling plates

Complex channels and geometries can be photo etched onto individual cooling plates economically, maximising thermal efficiency.

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Electronics etched cooling plate

Squeegee blades

Flat, burr-free squeegee blades can be photo etched to ±0.025mm accuracy. Subsequent in-house electropolishing is available for a smoother surface finish.

Electronics etched squeege blade

Connectors and contacts

2-D and 3-D connectors and contacts can be photo etched from virtually any metal and post-process coated to improve wear resistance and enhance conductivity.

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Electronics etched connector

Shims, gaskets and washers

Photo etched shims, gaskets and washers are accurate to ±0.025mm, flat and burr-free, with no rough edges that could interfere with other mating components.

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Electronics etched shims

Springs, flexures and diaphragms

Photo etching ensures burr and stress-free springs can be manufactured with zero distortion or surface imperfections.

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Electronics etched springs

Benefits at a glance

  • Unrivalled electronics etching supply
  • Largest chemical etching plant producing over 60 million components
  • Repeatability levels approaching Six Sigma standards
  • Added value technologies for single-source supply