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Diagram of all medical parts that can be etched

Medical implants

As photo etching machines component features simultaneously, complex mesh designs cost no more to produce than simple ones and counter sinks can be included at no additional cost.

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Medical etched craniomaxillofacial mesh

Pacemaker battery grids

Precision Micro photo-etches more intricate anode and cathode battery current collector grids, ensuring reliable energy supply from a smaller footprint.

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Medical etched current collector grid

Pacemaker screening cans

Our micro pacemaker screening cans feature an electrical insulator selectively applied to reduce arcing.

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Medical etched pacemaker screening can

Hearing aid contacts

Micro contact springs used in hearing aid PCBs are stress-free and can be etched to ±0.025mm accuracy.

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Medical etched hearing aid contacts

Medical device electronics

We photo-etch a wide range of electronics components, burr- and stress-free, with clean profiles and no heat-affect, making them ideally suited to the requirements of the medical sector.

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Medical etched electronics

Bone saw blades

Precision Micro supplies 1,000s of sagittal and oscillating bone saws each month, machined to ±0.005mm – impossible with laser cutting and grinding.

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Medical etched bone saws