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Craniomaxillofacial implants

As photo etching machines component features simultaneously, complex mesh designs cost no more to produce than simple ones and counter sinks can be included at no additional cost.

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Pacemaker battery grids

Precision Micro photo-etches more intricate titanium anode and cathode battery current collector grids, ensuring reliable energy supply from a smaller footprint.

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Pacemaker screening cans

Our micro pacemaker screening cans feature an electrical insulator selectively applied to reduce arcing.

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Hearing aid contacts

Micro contact springs used in hearing aid PCBs are stress-free and can be etched to ±0.025mm accuracy.

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Medical device electronics

We photo-etch a wide range of electronics components, burr- and stress-free, with clean profiles and no heat-affect, making them ideally suited to the requirements of the medical sector.

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Bone saw blades

Precision Micro supplies 1,000s of sagittal and oscillating bone saws each month, machined to ±0.005mm – impossible with laser cutting and grinding.

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