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Precision Micro has unmatched experience in the production of bespoke lead frames, in conjunction with some of the world’s leading semiconductor packaging companies. The company’s tight tolerance manufacturing processes are ideally suited to high lead/pin count, ultra-fine pitch lead frame manufacture.

Precision Micro has pioneered downsetting, whereby the die bonding platform is indented in order to provide optimum chip protection. We have also developed a low cost masking system to reduce the cost of selective plating, making it an economical proposition, even for small volume application-specific devices.

With the introduction of LEEP technology, Precision Micro can produce ultra-fine pitch lead frames cost effectively with levels of precision and repeatability unattainable by conventional chemical etching techniques.

From initial drawings, our rapid prototype facility can produce initial requirements in a matter of days, with little initial capital investment in tooling. Design modification is equally inexpensive, enabling electronics manufacturers to bring optimised products to market in the shortest possible timescales.

Single-source supply

Low-cost photo tooling

Ultra-fine tolerances

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