Precision Micro appoints new engineering director


Precision Micro, Europe’s leading photo chemical etching specialist, is pleased to announce that Karl Hollis, previously technical sales manager, will be appointed to director of engineering as of 1st April 2019.

Since joining the company in September 1999, Hollis has worked in a number of high-level commercial and engineering roles, and in doing so gathered a wealth of experience that he will be applying to his new position at what is an extremely exciting time for the company.

In April 2018 Precision Micro was acquired by its management team, marking the beginning of a new era for the 50-year old company as it builds on a position of strong growth and performance and continues to win more and more business from new and existing customers.

Today, Precision Micro produces more than 50 million precision metal components annually from the company’s state-of-the-art processing facility in Birmingham, U.K., with the firm’s client list including global names across a wide range of high-tech engineering sectors.

Karl Hollis

Hollis says, “The future potential for Precision Micro is extremely encouraging. The company is already the largest photo chemical etching specialist in Europe, which is geographically a market for photo etching that is forecast to grow significantly in the medium to long-term. Exploiting this growth, while broadening Precision Micro’s profile in multiple industrial sectors and across various new territories is key, and I will be working hard in my new position to achieve these goals.”

As the figurehead for the company’s engineering team, Hollis will play an active and pragmatic role in the development of customer projects.

Hollis continues, “The relationship with customers is central to the success of Precision Micro. Our vision has always been customer partnerships, collaborating at every stage of the product development cycle, continually investing in R&D and best-in-class technology to ensure an optimal photo etching manufacturing service. By so doing, we ensure that we achieve the most cost-effective, timely, and accurate outcomes for what are often complex and safety-critical applications.”

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