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With news of the current pandemic intensifying, businesses are doing all they can to help during this extraordinary time. From distilleries producing hand sanitisers, to fashion designers crafting face masks, it’s great to see so many organisations change, innovate and overhaul their production in a bid to combat COVID-19.

Precision Micro etched ventilator parts

As cases of coronavirus proliferate, health services have needed to quickly increase their capacity for vital medical equipment. To aid this, manufacturers have increased production of these machines and in some cases, even those in other sectors have turned their facilities over to produce this equipment. This, in turn, has seen the demand for ventilation components such as sensors and valve parts increase.

Mass-producing components through chemical etching

In order to meet this demand, we’ve ramped up our production of critical medical parts. Now, we’re able to mass produce tens of thousands of ventilator components, including set up and production, in a short space of time. This means that we’re able to quickly etch essential parts in ventilators that require a high level of expert precision engineering.

We’re proud to be playing our part in this global effort and have re-aligned part of our production to accommodate this surge in demand. Our photo chemical etching process enables us to respond quickly to surges in demand and repeatedly produce accurate and reliable components without compromise.

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