A Quarter of a Million Precision Parts Per Hour

Precision Micro, Europe’s leading precision component manufacturer, has made significant new investment in its Laser Evolved ElectroForming (LEEF) capabilities, which it claims to represent a step change in its quality standards and capacity.

The investment has been made in both equipment and personnel, to further improve quality consistency, reduce lead times and achieve higher yields, all driven by customer demand.

This was recently put to the test when a microelectronics manufacturer needed a quarter of a million high precision components in a hurry.

The parts in question were minute copper shims to an accuracy of ± 10 microns with a centre hole of 350 microns. Using the LEEF process with new larger mandrels, some 250,000 burr free, stress free components were produced in a little over an hour, (the equivalent of a single impression die operating at over 3000 strokes per minute) all without the need for any hard tooling.

An innovative zero handling method of removing the components from the mandrel ensured that the fragile parts were neither damaged nor contaminated.

“Our investment in equipment, innovation and expertise, along with ever tighter process control, enables us to offer a more flexible and responsive service to our customers,” said Anthony Marrett, Managing Director.

LEEF is fast becoming the process of choice for high precision electroformed components and in response, Precision Micro is now geared to undertake 24 hour plating in order to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Click here for more on LEEF and to watch the process video.