Precision Micro launch new approach to Micromachining

The essence of Laser Evolved Micromachining is the ability to combine laser technology’s ultra precision with the scale economies offered by other precision manufacturing processes, namely Advanced Electroforming and Photo Etching.

Precision Micro has developed two new process routes capable of creating true and precise micro components / component features, in prototype to high volume quantities, where increased complexity does not incur a cost penalty.

The high definition and precision of these new process routes takes the Company’s manufacturing capabilities, already in the ultra high precision range, firmly into the realms of true micro manufacturing.

Laser Evolved Etching Process

LEEP incorporates laser technology in the precision etching process. Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) gives the process the capability to create highly accurate micro components, with both fine features and high complexity, to exceptionally tight tolerances measured in microns.

The technology completely removes the need for traditional phototools and further streamlines the manufacturing operation. Feature alignment is exceptionally precise and the higher resolution exposure guarantees that edges are sharper and more precisely defined. It is now possible to create micro channels in the 25 microns range, features which were once only possible using more expensive micro laser or advanced electroforming techniques, with a four-fold improvement in pitch accuracy across an 800mm x 600mm sheet.

Laser Evolved ElectroForming

Photo-electroforming is very effective when requirements call for extreme tolerances, complexity or light weight.

Parts created in this way have superior edge definition and a near optical finish with fine feature limits being defined by the photographically produced pattern on the substrate.

By direct imaging the pattern on the substrate (using advanced LDI) far tighter tolerances can be maintained and features less than 15 microns can be achieved with high repeatability and excellent process control.

LEEF facilitates higher levels of complexity at tighter tolerances, with features finer than could ever have been achieved by conventional photo-electroforming, without the use of prohibitively expensive glass master tooling.

Miniaturisation can now take a further substantial step forward thanks to LEEP and LEEF.