Honouring Armed Forces Heroes

Chempix manufacture commemorative piece

Chempix is proud to have contributed in some small way to the success of the recent Sun Newspaper Millie Awards, an event to honour and praise the excellence of our military heroes. Inspired by Prince Charles, the ceremony was attended by dignitaries, senior politicians and a vast number of celebrities all wishing to express their appreciation of the fine work undertaken by our Armed Forces.

Kerry O’Connor, an accomplished producer of commemorative pieces, undertook the design and manufacture of the awards, with a little help from Chempix, a division of Precision Micro, the Birmingham based chemical etching experts.

The award pieces were designed in the form of a globe, representing a solid foundation, held and encompassed by three solid strands representing the Army, Navy and Air Force equally and incorporating their proud crests on the top surface, pointing down to what they protect.

Chempix worked closely with Kerry, offering practical advice on the available manufacturing methods, and suggesting ways of etching the design onto the globe and leaf detail onto the solid strands.

“Working closely with Kerry, we jointly devised a manufacturing method for these pieces and all concerned agreed the outcome was spectacular.” said Nigel Cornbill, Internal Account Manager for Chempix

Once etched, the brass globes were selectively plated in silver and polished by Kerry to a very high quality finish.

Formed in 1982, Chempix has, for many years, been a supplier to and a supporter of a number of the designer/producers from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter where Kerry has her studio.